Spence Injury Law

"I can help with multiple personal legal issues." Over 30 years of experience - I'll leave no stone unturned.

General Practice Areas

  • Wills and Estates I have been handling wills and estates for clients since 1984. You need a will if you want to decide who takes care of your children if you die when they are still young. You need a will to show who gets your property when you die and who winds up your affairs. Only if your plans are complicated do you need a trust.

    Married people should have powers of attorney, usually each other. If one becomes disabled and unable to make legal contracts, a power of attorney allows the spouse to take care of things. The alternative is an expensive court proceeding to be appointed guardian of the disabled spouse. A power of attorney is easy and inexpensive.

    When a relative's estate plan is blocked, you can correct the problem in an estate proceeding after the relative has passed away. I have helped many families and individuals enforce the late relative's estate plan to make sure the property is divided properly. I also help people finalize a late relative's estate plan when there is no disagreement.

    Please call with any questions about planning or administering an estate.

  • Custody and Visitation I have helped parents and grandparents get or keep custody of their children since 1984. If someone is trying to keep you from your children, or if you need to keep someone from having custody or visitation with your child, please call me.
  • Criminal Defense and Family Offenses If you are charged with a criminal or family offense, or if you need to charge someone with a family offense, please call. You do not have to face the problem alone.
  • Real Estate and Litigation I handle home and land purchases and sales. I have litigated different cases from business breakups, contracts, property damage, insurance claims, land use claims, arson claims and construction damage. I always consult with you initially for free.
  • Employment Claims I have helped many workers get social security disability and unemployment insurance benefits. I have recovered many workers' wages and benefits their employers illegally withheld through discrimination or otherwise.